What is the rhizome?

The simplest answer is found here:


What relevance does it have to palaeoecology?

That’s the point, palaeoecology is just one node, or one line of flight…have a look through our blog posts and you’ll start to see…

What does the rhizome mean to us?

For me it’s the weft woven between the warps. The warps being the various nodes or disciplines or perspectives. The weft being a thread woven between them.

Or an like an internet search – the line of flight is the path you follow through various webpages. It can take you in all directions, it’s limitless…

It opens up different ways of seeing data, combining data and allowing different perspectives to have a voice.


How can I get involved?

Because this way of thinking encourages different perspectives, we’d love you to contribute in any way you see fit. Drop us a line or send a blog post to us at b.gearey@ucc.ie and suzi.richer@york.ac.uk.